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Dear Lloyd, Devi and Natasha, I’m writing this to express our appreciation of the way you handled the sale of our house in Scarborough. My wife and I highly admired your professional expertise and sound ethical approach. Not only were you strongly supportive during our family’s rather emotional decision-making but you also efficiently used your marketing resources to sell our property in just five days – and for far over the asking price. One very positive aspect that I want to highlight is that you promptly responded, either by phone or e-mail or in person, to all our questions and concerns whenever they arose. It was reassuring to know at all times that the Seller is in competent and trust-worthy hands. Finally, thank you very much indeed for conducting this transaction so smoothly. My family will have no hesitation in recommending your services to everyone we know. - M. Aslam

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Dear Lloyd and Devi, A note of sincere thanks and appreciation for all your efforts in selling our home. In our initial meeting when we were interviewing potential agents, we were impressed with your professionalism, calm demeanour and obvious experience and knowledge of the housing market. As a result our decision to hire you to represent us in the sale of our home was the best choice. This was confirmed to us through all the stages of the process. We were very pleased that the logistics of getting our home on the market were completed so quickly and professionally. Professional quality pictures and video taken and posted on the internet in 2 days Very successful Open house with signs posted throughout the house to aid potential buyers All the advertising, flyers, ads and internet listings Security of our home during the showings emphasized to visiting agents Keeping us informed with daily e-mail communication during our absence Being away the first week worked out well and the benefit of all your hard work resulted in three offers being presented for our consideration the next day. Your superior experience and knowledge became even more evident during this process. I truly believe the presenting agents learned a lot from you that night and hopefully will appreciate that they had the pleasure to work with true real estate professionals. Thanks to your efforts, the evening ended very successfully for both seller and buyer with a firm unconditional offer. You completed the ‘after-sale’ protocols with your usual efficient attention to detail. We mentioned that finding a great real estate representative is like finding a good doctor. You never let go of them! We will refer you to all our friends and family with complete confidence and enthusiasm. In future we will also have need of your services and it is comforting and with great pleasure to know that we will be seeing you again. It is with sincere thanks and appreciation that you completed the sale ‘stress-free’ as promised. With sincere best wishes for continued success. - D. and J. Baba

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When I decided to sell my house I started the search for a realtor. After numerous encounters none of the agents left me with the comfort and reassurance I was looking for. I met Natasha and right away I knew that she had my beat interest in mind , She was patient and did not rush me into signing anything. She helped me to find a new home with no rush I was very comfortable with her and I plan to use her again and again. - E.W.

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Hello everyone, We are sorry that we were not able to send this note out a couple days ago but our computer was on the fritz. We would like to thank everyone for your time and expertise on our home evaluation. We were impressed with several of you but as you know, there can be only one. After much deliberation, we have chosen to go with Lloyd and Devi Sewrattan – REMAX REALTRON REALTY. Thank you again for taking the time to meet us. The information you have shared has made it easier to price our home. Fortunately for us, we sold our home last night after 2 days of showing for above asking. Thank again - K. and L. Ramkumar

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Monthly Real Estate Update
It was a rollercoaster ride of activity, the highs and lows brought about by government’s decisions to try to slow down home prices increases utilising negative policy changes.

Record sales in the first quarter of the year were followed by a decline in demand in the spring and summer, as home buyers adopted a wait and see attitude towards purchasing as the Ontario Fair Housing Plan (FHP) was announced. Research later showed that while foreign home buying was not a major driver of sales and prices in the GTA, the FHP, which included a foreign buyer tax, had a marked psychological impact on the marketplace. Government policy continued to influence consumer behavior as changes to federal mortgage lending guidelines were announced late summer, and buyers jumped into the market to buy before the guidelines took effect in January.

2017 ended with over 92,000 homes sold and average prices rising to $822,681, up 12.7% over 2016. The condominium market saw the highest increase in prices, followed by semi-detached homes as affordability continued to be the major factor influencing buyer decisions.

All of the current market conditions have been brought about by demand, as population growth outstripped the growth of supply. If the government would shorten the length of time it took to bring new land and new homes to the market (currently years), (a positive policy, as opposed to negative policies of increased taxation and limitation) prices would stabilise.

We believe that the first 3 month of 2018 will be less active than usual due to a number of factors. The first one is that the negative press of the comparison to last year, (best in history) vs this year, will put the average person into a waiting mode to see what happens to prices. The second factor is that many buyers who would have bought in the first quarter, bought in the fall, before the new mortgage changes took effect. And lastly, it’s COLD and less buyers will be out. That means the first 3 months will be a great time to buy, before everyone jumps back into the market April and May.

It might sound self-serving of us to say this, but consider that none of the factors that created this market have changed. Demand, economy, immigration, low interest rates, have not changed. Prices in Toronto will only drop long term if the population shrinks, and we do not see that happening.

Some people wait and see what happens, others make things happen. If you are looking to buy or invest, we believe now is the time!

Give us a call, let’s talk. We want to give you the best advice possible and make sure that you’re well looked after! After all, you do have two friends in real estate!

By the way, we are never too busy for your referrals J.

Lloyd and Devi Sewrattan